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Railway & Metro

The demands of the development of transportation infrastructure is growing in Indonesia, especially in its capital, Jakarta. Apart from its popularity as a sprawling metropolis and a capital city, Jakarta also known for its stertorous situation. Traffic jam is a prime issue for 9 million inhabitants living in the heart of Indonesia. Since then, the government attempts to remedy this matter by building a Light Rail Transit as it is first launched in 2013. In order to contribute to this positive government initiative, GSPE provided power supply equipments to ensure the sustainability of the project. These were the equipments that we provided for LRT JABODEBEK’s project.


Industry Expertise

Through this project we provided power supports connecting Greater Jakarta to 3 other cities (Bogor, Depok and Bekasi) around it, with 7 LRT routes, 28 stations and 3,906 km monorail line.
  • UPS (Industrial)

  • DC Charger

  • Batteries (120 minutes back up time)

  • In-house made DCPDB

  • Control panels  

  • ACPDB (AC Power Distribution Board)

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